Boucle refers to a knit or woven fabric made from a rough, curly, knotted boucle yarn. The fabric has a looped, knotted surface or texture

Boucle is also described as an uneven ya rn of three (3) plies, one of which forms loops at intervals. It refers to
wool, also in rayon, silk, cotton, linen, blends, hair fibres; any weave or knit Boucle originated from the French for "buckled" or "ringed". A drawn out or ringed, looped yarn is used to give it a kinky appearance at intervals. Boucle yarns are made in a variety of weights and usually in both the filling and the warp. Fabrics are usually springy and often ravels easily.

Boucle is a fabric most usually used in sportswear and coats.

Boucle is pronounced "boo-clay".
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