Glossary D

D-Ring refers to a metal loop with a distinctive letter "D" shape that is often paired to provide a pull-through closure f

Dagging refers to the decorative edging which originated in Germany. The material was cut or serrated in a number of differ

Deutsch: Alltagskleidung / Español: Ropa Diaria / Português: Roupa do Dia-a-Dia / Français: Vêtements Quotidiens / Italiano: Abbigliamento Quotidiano

Daily Wear in the fashion context refers to clothing and accessories that are designed and intended for everyday use. These garments are typically comfortable, practical, and versatile, catering to various activities and settings encountered in a regular day.

Dalmatic refers to a long, wide robe with flaring sleeves,, that was often made from white Dalmatian wool. It is still sometimes worn by Church dignitaries.

Dalmatica refers to a wide-sleeved, tunic-like vestment, open at the sides which is worn by deacons and bishops. Dalmatica was originally worn by Roman noblemen from the 2nd century o

Dandy refers to the men from the 19th century who used to be well-groomed and fashion conscious. Dandy is equated to elegan

Dangling Chain Necklace refers to a type of necklace which made of silver, stainless steel, gold, or other substances which is hanging long around the neck about 18 to 24 inches of c

Danish Design Centre refers to a center which was
was established in 1978 by the Danish Design Council which aim is to strengthen the Danish industry's competitiveness through design inves