Glossary V

V Zone is a Clothing term referring to the "V" shaped area where a Jacket Collar is open.

V-Prong Setting refers to a jewelry setting wherein the gemstone is held in place by V-shaped or L-shaped prongs. These settings are often used in combination with single or double pr

V-Shaped Neckline refers to a neckline shaped or cut like letter "V", where it derived its name.

Valise refers to a medium handbag that closes at the top, has two Top carrying handles, and has a triangular or oval side p

Vambrace refers to a piece of defensive armour for the arm, especially the forearm. Vambrace was developed by the Romans but was recognized during the 14th century . Vambrace were cyl

A "Van Dyke" refers to a variation of a goatee with a moustache, named after the 17th century Flemish painter, Sir Anthony Van Dyck (also spelled Van Dyke).

Example of popular p

Vandyke Collar refers to a type/style of Collar made of linen or lace having a deeply indented or scalloped edge, first seen in the late 17th century portraits of Anthony Van Dyck.

Vanilla is a perfumery term referring to the fruit and seeds of a climbing orchid vine which has pods, or capsules encasing the beans. Vanilla is an impressive sweet fixative, used in many Oriental, amber and floral perfumes.