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Padded Shoulder refers to a type of dress wherein the shoulders are made strong and broad with padding. The 1930's marked the introduction of the padded shoulder which first used by

Paddington refers to the designer handbag/bag produced by Chloe for their 2005 spring season. The soft, washed leather bag comes in chocolate brown, cream or tan and is distinguished

Paillette refers to a spangle made of metal or plastic, usually a round disk larger than a sequin. Paillettes are used as trimming on evening clothes or handbags. Moreover, Paillett

Pampilles refer to a jewelry with a cascade of pendant stones. Pampilles are very popular in Georgian jewelry. It was meant to look like rain drops.

Moreover, Pampilles is a cas

Panama Hat is a Hat term which can be used to refer to either or both style and material of the hat. Panama Hat is a brimmed, straw Hat made with Panama straw. They are often seen a

Panty is a general term for women's underwear and they are available is different styles and types, among the main panty styles and types are:

(1) Bikini: Top of the panty is be

Parfums Lolita Lempicka Paris is a French Perfume House whose fragrances were created mostly by Perfumers:
Maurice Roucel, Annick Menardo, Christine Nagel and Benoist Lapouza.

Deutsch: Paris / Español: Paris / Português: Paris / Français: Paris / Italiano: Parigi
Paris is the capital and most populous city of France. It is situated on the River Seine, in the north of the country, at the heart of the Ile-de-France region.