Glossary B

Babushka is a usually triangularly folded kerchief for the head. It is a head scarf tied under the chin and worn traditionally by Russian peasant women.

Some women in other countri

Baby Doll Shoe refers to a style of Shoe with a round toe shape..

- Baby Louis (Heel) : Baby Louis refers to a type of Shoe heel which is the has the same shape as a Louis heel but 12/8 or shorter.

Deutsch: Rücken / Español: Espalda / Português: Costas / Français: Dos / Italiano: Schiena
The human back is the large posterior area of the human body, rising from the top of the buttocks to the back of the neck and the shoulders. It is the surface opposite to the chest, its height being defined by the vertebral column (commonly referred to as the spine or backbone) and its breadth being supported by the ribcage and shoulders. The spinal canal runs through the spine and provides nerves to the rest of the body..

Deutsch: Rückenkoller / Español: Cuello trasero / Português: Gola traseira / Français: Col arrière / Italiano: Colletto posteriore

Back collar in the fashion context refers to the part of a garment's collar that lies at the back of the neck. This component is crucial for both the aesthetic and functional aspects of various clothing items, contributing to the overall fit and style.

Back Yoke refers to a fitted or shaped piece at the Top of a skirt or at the shoulder of various garments.

A function of design and fit. The Back Yoke is also known as a Riser. The

Back-Brushing refers to a hair styling technique that involves using a brush to tease the hair to build volume and reduce roller marks during a roller-set comb -out.

Back-Combing refers to hair styling that involves combing small sections of hair from the ends toward the scalp, in a way that will cause shorter hair to mat at the scalp and form a c