Glossary C

Caban Jacket refers to a short Jacket that is often made of rough woollen material and generally double-breasted.

Cabriolet Bonnet refers to a large 19th century Bonnet with brim, suggesting shape of two (2) wheeled carriage top.

Cacharel refers to a design label created by Jean Bousquet , in 1962 and Cacharel company founded also by Jean Bousquet 1964.

Jean Bousquet is a son of a sewing machine merchant w

Cack refers to the smallest soled Shoe without heel and soft upper for infants.

CAD is the short name for Computer Aided Design which is computer tool or program using the computer to create designs.

Computer-aided design (CAD) is increasingly being used in t

Cadet Collar refers to a band or stand Collar that stands straight at the neck edge, about an inch high, and opens at center front.. Also, Cadet Collar is a short Collar with an openin

Cadet Hat refers to a style of Hat similar in many ways to a Baseball Cap, however, the Cadet Hat can be distinguished by its more cylindrical body and shorter brim.

Cadet Hat was

Cagoule refers to lightweight, thin-hooded outer jacket, especially one that is windproof and waterproof, and worn by mountaineers and other people who likes outdoor sports.