Glossary M

Ma Ke is one of China's top fashion designers and the founder and creative director of massively popular brand Exception de Mixmind; sold to 60 stores across 30 cities in China. Ma K

Maang Tika refers to an Indian accessory worn in the hair by girls. It consists of a pendant and a chain with a hook at the end - the chain is worn along the hair-part using the hook

Macclesfield refers to a tie fabric characterized by small Yarn-Dyed dobby patterns. This allover-patterned silk was originally woven in Macclesfield, England hence it is named Maccl

Deutsch: Zeitschrift / Español: Revista / Português: Revista / Français: Magasin / Italiano: Rivista
Magazines, periodicals, glossies, or serials are publications that are printed with ink on paper or distributed online (or other forms of electronic communication), and generally published on a regular schedule and containing a variety of content.

Mail refers to a flexible armor composed of small overlapping metal rings, loops of chain, links or scales. Habergeon is a sleeveless coat of Mail.

Maillot refers to a one-piece,, traditional tank -style swimsuit/bathing suit with straps and which has a V, scoop, squared, halter or Sweetheart Neckline. It is an easy and comfortable swimsuit to wear. Maillot is usually cut high on the legs and often backless.

Deutsch: Make-up / Español: Maquillaje / Português: Maquiagem / Français: Maquillage / Italiano: Trucco

Makeup is a category of cosmetics applied to the face to enhance or alter the appearance. In the fashion context, makeup is an essential element that complements clothing, defines personal style, and contributes to the overall aesthetic presentation.

Deutsch: Malaysia / Español: Malasia / Português: Malásia / Français: Malaisie / Italiano: Malesia

Malaysia holds a unique and evolving place in the fashion industry, blending traditional heritage with modern trends. The country's fashion scene is characterized by a rich tapestry of cultural influences, innovative designers, and growing recognition on the global stage.