Glossary M

Ma Ke is one of China's top fashion designers and the founder and creative director of massively popular brand Exception de Mixmind; sold to 60 stores across 30 cities in China. Ma K

Maang Tika refers to an Indian accessory worn in the hair by girls. It consists of a pendant and a chain with a hook at the end - the chain is worn along the hair-part using the hook

Macclesfield refers to a tie fabric characterized by small Yarn-Dyed dobby patterns. This allover-patterned silk was originally woven in Macclesfield, England hence it is named Maccl

Mail refers to a flexible armor composed of small overlapping metal rings, loops of chain, links or scales. Habergeon is a sleeveless coat of Mail.

Maillot refers to a one-piece, traditional tank -style swimsuit/bathing suit with straps and which has a V, scoop, squared, halter or Sweetheart Neckline. It is an easy and comfortable swimsuit to wear. Maillot is usually cut high on the legs and often backless.

Malcolm Starr refers to a popular American ready-to-wear manufacturer who produced impeccable, elegant fashion during the 1960's and 1970's. Malcolm Starr's designed clothes were di

Mandarin Collar refers to a type of Collar consisting of a standing band that wraps about the neck and is slightly open in the front. Mandarin Collar became popular in the 1960's on

Manteau refers to a loose mantle or cloak worn during the 17th century. It was a fashion that arose in the 1680's. Today, however, the Manteau also used to describe a long overcoat