Glossary K

Kabuki Style refers to a full, dramatic top with Dolman sleeves and a square or boat neckline.

Kada is an Indian term referring to a thick bangle or bracelet worn by girls and boys. May be worn on just one wrist or on

Kai Milla Morris is an American fashion designer who is a native of Washington DC. Kai Milla began drawing at age 5 and started designing her won clothes while a teenager, since then, her fascination with all things which concern color, light, shape and perspective led her to the practical studies of fine art and design.

Kairi Buti refers to a pattern common in Indian textile design, based on the shape of a mango.

Kameez refers to an Indian shirt or tunic worn by girls over a Salwar (pant) which may be of varying lengths depending on the current fashion trend.

Kameez is also spelled as Kha

Kangaroo Pocket refers to a large single front pocket with side openings allowing both hands to be inserted, meeting in the middle. Moreover, a Kangaroo Pocket is a pocket formed by

Karaginu refers to the outermost garment of the Juni Hitoe, consisting of a wide-sleeved Jacket reaching only to the waist.

Karaginu or "Chinese jacket" was described as "waist-len

KCD refers to the fashion's prominent public relations and event production firm/company which was founded in 1984 and run by Ed Filipowski and Julie Mannion. KCD is a full-service fa