Glossary T

Type of seamless, contour cup bra designed to appear invisible under form fitting clothing, like a T-shirt. T-shirt Bras have no laces or ornamentations and often have a front closure.

Tabard refers to a military or ceremonial tunic top. Tabard is also defined as (1) coarse outer garment formerly worn by the peasantry or by monks and foot soldiers; and (2) a short,

Table is the Jewelry term that refers to the upper horizontal surface of a faceted gem. Likewise, Table refers to the flat surface at the Top of a cut gemstone, like that on a Princes

Table Cut is the jewelry term referrring to the simplest type of step cut which is very flat with a large table. Often used for seals or for men's rings.

Table Facet is the jewelry term which refers to the central facet on a gem's crown.

Tactel refers to a special type of Nylon that was first introduced as a unique product in 1983. Tactel is described as a fashionable, dynamic and versatile fibre for clothes that are:

Taffera refers to a crisp, lustrous silk or silk-type, medium-weight, plain-weave fabric with a slight ribbed appearance in the filling (crosswise) direction. Taffeta is usually made

Tailored refers to a clothing/garments or lingerie designed to have the appearance of being custom fit and cut. Tailored Clothing or lingerie is usually fitted to the body..