Glossary W

Deutsch: Taille / Español: Cintura / Português: Cintura / Français: Taille / Italiano: Vita /

Waist refers to the Circumference around the middle of the torso when it refers to the body measurements.

As an item of clothing, Waist or Shirtwaist is a blouse or shirt.

Waist Cincher refers to a corset designed to fit under the bust Line between bust and hips. They lace up the back to pull in the Waist by an inch or so.

Waist Cincher is also c

Wale refers to s the long grooves that give the garment its texture. One of a series of vertical rows or ridges in a fabric that can vary in width. Pinwale is the thinnest and Wide Wa

Walker refers to a comfortable, low-heeled Shoe designed for walking.

Walker is also known as Walking Shoes.

Walking Shoe refersto a comfortable, low-heeled Shoe designed for walking.

Walking Shoes is also known as Walker.

Walking Stick refers to a tool used by many people to ease pressure on the legs when walking. They come in many shapes and sizes and made from variety of materials.

Walking Suit refers to a women's suit very popular in the 1890's consisting of a Braid trimmed Jacket with front closure and an ankle length skirt which flares at the back to permit

Deutsch: Garderobe / Español: Armario / Português: Guarda-roupa / Français: Garde-robe / Italiano: Guardaroba

Wardrobe in the fashion context refers to the collection of clothing, footwear, accessories, and other wearable items that an individual possesses. It encompasses everything from everyday outfits to special occasion attire and is an essential aspect of personal style and fashion management.