Glossary R

Rah-Rah Skirt refers to short, tiered, and often colorful skirt;; fashionable in the early-mid 1980's .

Rainbow Jewelry refers to the jewelry that has been set with a number of different colored stones usually placed to correspond to the color spectrum (red, orange, yellow, green, blue,

Raindrop Earring is another term for Teardrop Earrings wherein the piece tapers from Top to bottom the way a droplet of water would when pulled by gravity.

Raised Waistline refers to a waistline designed one (1) inch above the Natural Waist.

Raphael Haury is a French Master Perfumer, the son of Gerard Haury who was a master Perfumer himself . Raphael Haury grew up in Grasse, the Perfume capital of France. He followed th

Rapture refers to a Perfume designed by Victoria`s Secret. It is an oriental spicy fragrance for women. Rapture was launched in 1992. The fragrance notes include orange blossom, amber

- Reefer (Jacket) : Reefer refers to a type of Jacket with slim-fitting, 3/4-length style that flares under the arms to make a full A-line shape.. Reefer could be double- or single-breasted with notch lapels. Al

Rene Morgenthaler is a Master Perfumer who created fragrances such as Calvin Klein Sheer Obsession and Bond no. 9 Hamptons which he created in 2002 and 2005, respectively.

Rene Mor