Glossary O

Ohrbach's refers to a Clothing store in Union Square in New York which was started and opened by Viennese-born Nathan Ohrbach in 1923. Ohrbach's store was recognized for having high fashion

- Opalis (France) : Opalis refers to the the "Rolls Royce" of hair care products.
Opalis uses only high-quality, natural ingredients completely renouncing the use of silicone. Opalis Hair Care products are p

Open Back refers to a back style that shows the entire back without the use of straps, Sheer fabric, etc. to obstruct the view of the back. Open Back is best for those who want to sho

Open Call refers to the time an agency sets aside to meet with prospective models without scheduled appointments. Moreover, the Open Call refers to a casting when the client sees al

Opera Length refers to a single strand necklace which is 26 inches to 36 inches in length and hangs to the breastbone.
The Opera Length (Necklace) can be worn in various options. It

Organizer Bag refers to a type of handbag with compartments and pockets for organized storage of makeup, wallets, coin purses, appointment books, and other personal items.

Oscar refers to the first Perfume designed by Oscar De La Renta Perfume House. It is one of the best fragrances created by Top Perfume houses. Oscar was created by Jean-Louis Sieuzac

Otrera refers to an American fast-rising accessories label which was founded in 2004 when New York-based designer Elle Sakellis began making jewelry for friends and family. Otrera wa