Glossary G

Gabardine refers to a firm, tightly woven, twilled, worsted, tough fabric with a slight diagonal Line on the right side whihc can be made from wool, cotton or synthetics. Wool Gabard

Gaberdine refers to a closely woven twill fabric of a Worsted cotton or spun yarn. Moreover, Gaberdine refers to the twill-weave worsted, cotton, or spun-rayon fabric.

Gainsborough Hat is a high crowned big brimmed Hat decorated with feathers and ribbons which became popular in the 1780's.

Gala Loewe refers to a women's floral -oriented fragrance brought out by Loewe in 1992. Gala Loewe was designed to evoke a feeling of fiesta. Mandarin, rosewood, basil and cassis in t

Gale Hayman refers to the original owner of Giorgio Beverly Hills Boutique and fragrances with her husband Fred Hayman. After Avon acquired their company, she set up her own fragrance company called Gale Hayman Inc.

Galligaskins refer to loose, wide breeches or hose, especially worn by men in the 16th and 17th centuries.

Galligaskins also refer to leather leggings worn in the 19th century

Gallus refer to a ytpe of trouser braces worn in the USA, where braces are called suspenders.

Galoche refers to a protective overshoe worn during wet weather. Galoche was originally a Clog or wooden sole attached to a shoe, but now an overshoe, usually made of rubber or plast