Glossary H

Haarmann & Reimer refers to one of the largest wholesale fragrance and flavor manufacturers which was established in 1874 in Holzminden, Germany. Dr. Wilhelm Haarmann established the

Habanita refers to a classic oriental type Perfume for women created by Molinard in 1924. Habanita's top notes are orange blossom, raspberry, peach and bergamot; middle notes are lila

Haberdashery refers to a dealer or store that sells men's Apparel and furnishings, such as shirts, ties and socks. Haberdashery is said to have originated from German peddlers, who wo

Habergeon refers to the sleeveless coat of mail, a flexible armor composed of small overlapping metal rings, loops of chain

Haik refers large cloak which are usually in white worn by both sexes in North Africa.

Deutsch: Haar / Español: Cabello / Português: Cabelo / Français: Cheveux / Italiano: Capelli

Hair in the fashion context refers to the styling of hair on the human head as an integral aspect of fashion and aesthetics. Hair styling includes various cuts, colors, and arrangements that complement clothing and personal style, often serving as a form of self-expression and identity.

Deutsch: Haarverlängerungen / Español: Extensiones de cabello / Português: Extensões de cabelo / Français: Extensions de cheveux / Italiano: Estensioni dei capelli /

Hair extensions are hair additions that are secured to the base of the client's natural hair or scalp using clips, braids, or glue in order to add length,, volume, texture, or color..

Haircut refers to the style in which hair has been cut, as in short, bob, assymetrical, etc.

For humans, a haircut or hairstyle normally describes cutting or styling head hair.