Glossary A

A Gozzi is a term describing a Renaissance very wide sleeves that were gathered into wide wristbands, creating a bag shape,, like a birds crop. A Gozzi was in the mid 15th century a

Deutsch: Eine Erbse im Pod / Español: Un Guisante en el Pod / Português: Uma Ervilha no Pod / Français: Un Pois dans la Gousse / Italiano: Un Pisello nel Baccello /

A Pea in the Pod refers to a luxury designer/brand of maternity wear. The company offers fashions for all women but specializes in Apparel for pregnant women. It is based in Philadelphia and operates under the names Motherhood Maternity, A Pea in the Pod, Mimi Maternity and Destination Maternity.

A-Line refers to a Clothing term coined by Christian Dior to define a dress, coat or top that is close at the shoulders and gently Flared at the hemline, resembling the letter A in d

A.B.S. by Allen Schwartz is an affordable luxury fashion Line catering to women who want to look fabulous in the latest trends without spending a fortune. Consisting of both sportswea

Deutsch: A.testoni / Español: A.testoni / Português: A.testoni / Français: A.testoni / Italiano: A.testoni /

A.testoni is an Italian luxury brand which has been producing superior quality men's and women's leather shoes and accessories with refined and elegant traditional, but modern style shoes and accessories since 1929.

AAMA is the acronym of American Apparel Manufacturers Association which is association of American Clothing manufacturers. AAMA's aim is to inform members of new technologies and work

Aari refers to a hooked needle often used in India for chain stitch embroidery.

Aari is also known as Ari.

Aari Work (Patched) refers to the Gujarati art where patches of hand-embroidered cotton cloth are stitched together. The embroidery is hand done by skilled specialized artisans.