Glossary Y

Y-Shaped Neckline refers to a neckline shaped or cut like letter "Y". Y-Shaped Neckline is a V-Shaped neckline style that extends down the center front neckline 4-6 inches; usually

Yard is a term used when measuring fabric, a unit equal to 36 inches or 91.44 centimeters.

Yarmulke refers to the skullcap worn by Jewish men, especially during prayers or ceremonial occasions.

Yarmulke is also also known as Kippah, Kippa or Kappel.

Yarn-Dyed refers to a dyeing process in which the yarns are immersed in a coloring solution and then woven or knitted to m

Yashmak refers to a veil worn by Muslim women when in public, thereby concealing their face, except the eyes.

Yellow Gold refers to a gold that has been alloyed with a mix of 50\% copper and 50\% silver.

Gold is naturally yellow in colour, to achieve the different types of gold such as rose

Yoana Baraschi refers to a fashion designer who was born in Bucharest, Romania, Yoana Baraschi was raised in a family of artists, rich in culture and style. Her mother, Elli Baraschi

Yoke Skirt refers to a wide waist -band stretching to hips, joined to flaring skirt. Yoke Skirt was common in the 1980's