Glossary I

Ice Models which is also known as Ice Model Management refers to the most established Model agency in Durban, South Africa. Ice Models which is under the ownership of Tiffany Prior i

Imperial refers to pointed tuft of whiskers on the chin, named in honour of Napoleon III.

Some men wore them today to express their fashion sense.

Deutsch: Indien / Español: India / Português: Índia / Français: Inde / Italiano: India

India in the context of fashion is known for its rich textile heritage, vibrant colors, intricate embroidery, and diverse traditional attire. It is a global hub for both traditional and contemporary fashion, influencing and contributing significantly to the international fashion industry.

Indu Bag refers to a geometricall designed bag with flowers and butterfly designed by Lulu Guinness in 1999.

Initial refers to a Floral Perfume designed by Boucheron. The nose behind Initial is Jacques Cavellier.

This precious Perfume begins with the freshness of tangerine; the Floral n

Inner Cap refers to a Lining inside of a wig that prevents tangling and if adjustable, allows the wig to fit virtually any

Inseam refers to the seam in a trouser/pants or short that runs from the crotch to the hem. Leg length is measured based on the inseam. Most often refers to the inside seam of pants.

Inspired means "guided by". Inspired is from the old French word enspirer.