Glossary L

Lace Bra refers to a usually Sheer to semi-sheer bra made entirely or almost entirely of lace.

Lace Edging refers to a type of decorative trim, often used in lingerie, that is applied to necklines,, hems, straps etc.

Lace-Up (Corset) Back refers to a back style which has a back detail that looks like a Corset lace that criss-crosses and ties like a Shoe lace. Lace-Up Back is generally best for ev

Lace-Up Boots refer to the type/kind of boots which use lace as a closure and are generally placed on the front of the boots. Lace-Up Boots are very easy to get on and off, hence it i

Ladder Stitching refers to a garment stitching that resembles ladder rungs or the steps on a ladder.

Lady Dior refers to an evening box bag by Dior and designed by Christian Dior in 1995 which was presented to Princess Diana at the Grand Palais in Paris..

Lamb Leather is a term that applies to either leather from sheepskins or lambskins which are virtually undetectable after tannage. The actual skins are more pourous and very delicate

Lambskin refers to a type of leather created from the skin of young sheeps.