Glossary J

Deutsch: Jacke / Español: Chaqueta / Português: Jaqueta / Français: Veste / Italiano: Giacca /

Jacket refers to an outer garment that usually falls to the Waist or hip that closes in front and is meant to be worn over Clothing either indoors or outdoors by both men and women.

Jacquard refers to the method of weaving a design directly into the fabric instead of being printed or dyed on. Woven fabrics are manufactured by using the Jacquard attachment on the

- Jacquard (Fabric) : Jacquard refers to the type of high-quality patterned fabric that is woven or made (from a specific loom which originated in 1801 in France) to create the effect of an intricate pattern or p

Jacquard refers to a loom invented by Jospeh Marie Jacquard which makes it possible to control each warp thread so that each and every warp end can be raised or lowered at will to form an in

Jacques Cavallier is a Perfumer who was born in January 1962 in Grasse, the Perfume capital of France. Jacques Cavallier was to be immersed in the perfumery world very early on with a

Jacques Helleu refers to a prominent contemporary designer of Perfume bottles and packaging. He is the head of design for Parfums Chanel who had provided designs for Bourjois, Chanel

Jamah refers to a long-sleeved coat that reaches to, or below, the knees and has a belted Waist as worn by Muslim men toge

- Jazz Prestige (for men) : Jazz Prestige refers to the oriental Fougere fragrance for men by Yves Saint Laurent which was launched in 1993. Jazz Prestige top notes are coriander, lavender, green notes, Fruity notes, p