Glossary Z

Zamak refers to a zinc Alloy containing some aluminum (3.9-4.5\%) and copper (0.02-0.05\%). Zamak is a zinc Alloy used in jew refers to an online or internet Apparel (clothing) and footwear seller/shop established in 1999 since then it has become a leader in online Apparel and footwear sales by striving to provide shoppers with the best possible service and selection.

Deutsch: Zara / Español: Zara / Português: Zara / Français: Zara / Italiano: Zara

Zara is a globally recognized fashion retailer known for its trendy and affordable clothing. Founded in 1975 in Spain by Amancio Ortega and Rosalía Mera, Zara has grown to become one of the largest international fashion companies, part of the Inditex group, which is one of the world's largest distribution groups.

Zardozi refers to an Indian intricate hand embroidery using gold, silver or colored wire.

Zari refers to a metallic thread used for brocading in India.

Zed Card refers to a card with 3 to 5 photos of Model and their vital Statistics like height, eye and hair color and size information to promote and distribute to prospective clients.

Zip is short name of Zipper, a fastener consisting of parallel rows of metal or plastic teeth that close by pulling the sliding tab. Zip is a A type of closure consisting of two rows

Zip-In/Zip-Out Lining refers to a completely removable Lining inserted into a coat or Jacket by means of a zipper or buttons around the coat facing. Also called a shell