Grasse refers to the city in Provence in the south of France which has been the center of Perfume industry since the 1500's. Before that time, the region has been known for its fine leather-tnanning industry.

The Grasse region was producing oild from jasmine, narcissus, orange blossom, viloet, hyacinth and jonquil plants and varities of roses in the 1600's. In the years that followed, more varieties of fragrant plants were cultivated and processed to make perfumes in France.

Dozens of perfume factories were built in Grasse during the next two centuries. Grasses became known as the perfume capital of the world.

By the 1980's Grasse remained the center of perfume manufacturing although Grasse perfume producers were producing less. However, Grasse remained the center of perfume manufacturing with perfume experts producing materials for major fragrant lables, such as Chanel, Fraginard and Houbigant.

Grasse is also the home of the Musee International de la Perfumerie, where visiots can learn about the history of perfume making.
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