Padded Shoulder refers to a type of dress wherein the shoulders are made strong and broad with padding. The 1930's marked the introduction of the padded shoulder which first used by couturiere Elsa Schiaparelli. Joan Crawford, a Hollywood actress was particularly enamored of the padded-out look after buying a few Schiaparelli suits in the early 1930's.

The "strong shouldered look" or strong-shouldered silhouette of Schiaparelli and American designer Adrian persisted until 1947, when couturier Christian Dior presented what American fashion editor Carmel Snow dubbed the "New Look."

The trend of wearing "Padded Shoulder" or Shoulder Pads returned in the 80's and has been spotted again in 2009.

Author's Note: I will never forget that I also wore a very nice dress with a big padded shoulders especially becasue I wore that dress during the baptism of my child. I still have the design of that dress in mind.
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