Pull on Boots refer to a type or kind of boots which have no zippers, laces or any other means of closure, but are worn by just pulling on and off. To aid in pulling the boots on and off, tabs and goring are placed on the boots.

To put on a knee-high or tall Pull on Boots, scrunch the shaft of the boots down, then insert the foot into the bottom of the boots, in the same manner that you put on socks, stockings, or panty hose, etc.

It is usually hard for people with high arches to put on a Pull on Boots and if the material used to manufacture this type of boots is tough and hard to scrunch down.

Author's Note: I own two (2) Pull on Boots, one was made of very soft leather and easily scrunch down so I can pull it on and off very easily, the other one I like more, but it is made of leather which a bit tough for scrunching, so even if it so beautiful, I rarely used it. Both are are old boots worn by two (2) friends who are now in their 80's. I am happy to always wear my "easy-scrunch" and happy to just look at my "tough-scrunch". Photos below.

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