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In the fashion context, "shape" refers to the physical form or outline of a garment,, which is determined by its cut, construction, and fit.

Here are some examples:

  1. "The shape of this dress is so elegant and timeless."
  2. "I love the way this jacket creates a structured shape on my body."
  3. "The shapeless silhouette of this top is perfect for a relaxed, casual look."

Some similar terms in the fashion context include:

  1. Silhouette: This term refers to the overall shape of a garment, which is determined by its cut and how it fits on the body. The silhouette can be described as slim, boxy, flared, etc.
  2. Cut: This term refers to the way a garment is designed and constructed, specifically in terms of its shape and silhouette. The cut can determine the overall shape of the garment.
  3. Fit: This term refers to how a garment conforms to the shape of the body. A garment can have a certain shape, but the fit can vary depending on the size and shape of the wearer.
  4. Proportion: This term refers to the relative size and placement of different elements within a garment or outfit. The proportion can affect the overall shape of the garment.
  5. Form: This term refers to the three-dimensional shape of a garment, which includes its length, width, and depth. The form can affect the way the garment drapes and moves on the body.

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