Taffera refers to a crisp, lustrous silk or silk-type, medium-weight, plain-weave fabric with a slight ribbed appearance in the filling (crosswise) direction. Taffeta is usually made from silk or synthetic fibers.

Taffeta is used especially for women's clothing, most often used for special occasion dresses due to its luster and crisp feel. For formal wear, Taffeta is a favorite choice. It provides a crisp hand, with lots of body. Silk taffeta gives the ultimate rustle, but other fibers are also good choices.
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Taffeta refers to a crisp, shiny fabric originally made from silk in Persia. Taffeta is now also made from cotton, rayon, or nylon. The plain weave fabric uses a filling yarn that is heavier than the warp to produce a fine cross-rib texture. Taffeta is used for linings, dresses, suits, and trim.
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