Bonnet refers to a (chiefly) Scottish term for a man's or boy's cap. It is described as a brimless Scotch cap of seamless woolen fabric; a cloth or straw headgear which is often bri mless tied under the chin and worn commonly by women and children.

Until the 16th century, a Bonnet was described as masculine head covering other than a hood was a Bonnet (for French) or cap (for English). Scotchmen still call their caps "Bonnet". However, in the 19th century the term Bonnet was used to refer to a soft head covering for women's or girl's headdress with ribbons to tie under the chin.

There are different types and kinds of Bonnet:

Bonnets for women include the following:

(1) Cabriolet
(2) Capote - soft crown, rigid brim, 19th century
(3) Chip Bonnet
(4) Gipsy Bonnet
(5) kiss-me-quick
(6) Leghorn bonnet
(7) mourning bonnet
(8) poke bonnet

Ugly refers to a kind of retractable visor that could be attached to bonnets for extra protection from the sun which came in the 19th century.

Bonnets for men include:

(1) Glengarry bonnet
(2) Tam O'Shanter
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