- Cargo (Pants/Shorts) : Cargo pants or shorts refers to cargo bottoms which is by definition, should have extra pockets for carrying a multitude of supplies. Most people do not actually use these pockets, but the name is derived from their working uses. Cargo pants or shorts are usually roomier to allow for the pocket storage and are often made of khaki-colored material. Useful for people who are travelling often.

Author's Note: Cargo pants is my son's favorite pants, because he can used it to store his mobile, wallet, a small ipod and a folded umbrella during rainy season and my husband used to wear cargo pants when he traveled back and forth from Germany to the Philippines.

In Germany, it is hard to find Cargo pants and shorts except during spring and summer months, I do not know the reason why, but maybe because summer months means vacation and travelling months. Many young boys are spotted wearing Cargo shorts during summer months when the sun is shining in Europe.
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