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The human back is the large posterior area of the human body, rising from the top of the buttocks to the back of the neck and the shoulders. It is the surface opposite to the chest, its height being defined by the vertebral column (commonly referred to as the spine or backbone) and its breadth being supported by the ribcage and shoulders. The spinal canal runs through the spine and provides nerves to the rest of the body..

In the fashion context, "back" can refer to different aspects of clothing design or styling. Here are some examples:

  1. Backless: Refers to a garment that has a low-cut or open back, exposing the skin.

  2. Back pockets: Pockets located on the backside of a pair of pants, shorts or skirts.

  3. Back strap: A strap that goes across the back of a garment, usually on a dress or a top.

  4. Back vent: An opening or slit on the back of a jacket or skirt, usually for ease of movement.

  5. Back collar: The collar at the back of a shirt, blouse or jacket.

  6. Back seam: A seam on the back of a garment, which can add shape or style to the design.

  7. Back embroidery: Embroidery designs that are located on the back of a garment, such as on the back of a denim jacket.

Here are some similar terms related to "back" in the fashion context:

  1. Front: The opposite of back, referring to the front of a garment.

  2. Shoulder: The area of a garment that covers the shoulders.

  3. Sleeve: The part of a garment that covers the arm.

  4. Hem: The edge of a garment that is folded and sewn to prevent fraying.

  5. Collar: The part of a garment that goes around the neck.

  6. Pocket: A small pouch attached to a garment for holding small items.

  1. Cuff: A folded or turned-up edge of a sleeve

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