Don Williams (Hat) : Don Williams Hat refers to a fur felt hat with a hard-creased teardrop and a hand-rolled brim. Don Williams hat style was made famous by the singer and songwriter Don Williams.

William's trademark hat came was first given to him by the people at 20th Century Fox when he was filming W. W. & The Dixie Dance Kings. Since the original, the Stetson Hat Company of St. Joseph, Missouri (MO) has fashioned exact replicas for Don Williams.

William's said "I really had worn hats very little prior to that. But the guy who made it for me, his specialty was styling hats to a person's features. And I just little by little got to wearing it, until it became like a part of me - I kid about it turning into a growth, but I really don't feel right if I go outside now without wearing it. I feel like I'm not dressed."