Petar Petrov refers to a Bulgarian designer who was born in Ukraine on born April 10, 1977. However, Petrov moved to Vienna, Austria in 1999 and studied at the University of Applied Arts, Department of Fashion, Vienna where he graduated Masterclass of Fashion - Class of 1999.

Petar Petrov started as a costumer for advertising campaigns and music videos before going into fashion design. He worked at Wendy & Jim where he was responsible for the production and presentation of the Autumn/Winter 2000-2001 menswear collection.

In Vienna, during 2001, Petar Petrov worked at "Be A Good Girl" and "Pirouzi." where he was responsible for the cut and development of the Spring/Summer and Autumn/Winter collections. In 2002, he worked on the concept and fabrication of costumes for "Lifeball 2002".

Also in 2002, he received honors for his work on the label "#” for the Spring/Summer 2003 collection shown at "Kuntslerhaus", and garnered the "Trade Association Prize" from the Austrian Textile Industry.

In Vienna, while he was still a student, he set up his own label called Petar Petrov One of Some who began presenting his collections in Paris while training at the University of Applied Arts, Department of Fashion, Vienna. In fact, his first three (3) collections which he presented in Paris were made while he was still in school studying fashion.

Petar's style is sharp, functional, but has a celebral quality to it which makes it appealing. Petar Petrov's menswear consists of contemporary sportswear mixed with splashes of neon and the occasional graphic or smiley face to create a fashionable "club kids" vibe.


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