Floral is a term in perfumery referring to a fragrance scent that resembles flowers, and is usually described as smooth or natural. Floral is the most common fragrance family. Either characteristic of a specific flower or a blend of several flower notes.

Floral is the largest fragrant group encompasses numerous versions of compositions with a floral heart: freshly picked flowers, flowers with aquatic, green or powdery nuances, as well as floral-aldehyde, florral woody musk, floral-fruity, floral aquatic, and floral fruity gourmand compositions.

Examples of perfumes under Floral Olfactive group are: Tribu by Benetton, Anais Anais by Cacharel, Calvin Klein's Eternity, Boucheron's Initial, and many more.

These are the perfumes I already tried and I will never get tired of their smell. I am still using Initial given to be by my sister when she visited me in Germany from Texas.

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