GUM refers to one of the most glamorous luxury shopping shrines in Moscow. GUM is used to be a miserable Soviet-era supermarket which turned into a luxury shopping destination. It is

definitely worth paying a visit GUM, not only for the represented brands but also for the outstanding architecture and its historical background.
GUM was opened in 1890 and was once the first ever department store in Moscow. The building's history has been a stormy one: in 1825 the original trading rows located on the site of what is now "the Main Universal Store" or GUM were destroyed by fire; before the revolution the building housed the cream of the most beautiful Russian stores but later the famous shopping arcades were nationalised. GUM was privatised after the collapse of the Soviet Union, and changed hands for a number of times.

Bosco di Ciliegi, the renowned shark of Russian luxury business acquired GUM in 2005 who transformed the store into the shopping citadel of the new Moscow. The opening of the first Moscow shop of Jil Sander, the classic brand of laconic minimalism in late 2007, was in a way a symbolic event, almost unthinkable only a couple of years ago when the outlandishly gaudy feathers of Cavalli and the likes of him were still worshipped by the fashionist circles of the Russian capital.

If you are visiting Russia, pay a visit to GUM which is located in 3 Red Square, you can also visit their website:

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