HyperColor refer to the kind of shirts designed and manufactured by Generra in the 80's which changes color with heat. It became a fashion craze and almost every fashion concious tee ns wants to own HyperColor Shirt. It became a fashion trend.

HyperColor Shirt was introduced by Generra at the tail end of those color-crazy 80"s, HyperColor promised a t-shirt revolution. A patented "Metamorphic Color System” caused the shirt's color to change when it came in contact with heat. If you wear a HyperColor Shirt, just pressing a warm hand into your belly, and your purple shirt would have a temporary pink handprint. Any heat source, such as body heat, hot breath, blow dryers will change the HyperColor shirts from green to yellow, blue to green, and so on. Similar to a Mood Ring for the body. It is often matched with acid wash jeans or Body Glove bike shorts.

However, in the early 90's the craze for Hypercolor shirt faded.
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