Jazzed-Up Jeans refer to a type of jeans Embellished and decorated with studs, paint, patches, appliques, etc. which was a trend started by teenage girls in the 1940's. The most c ommon artwork to find on the Jazzed-up jeans were collages of their favorite rock idols.

These jazzed-up jeans also called Jazzy Jeans made a comeback with the flower children/hippies in the early 60's. Men and women both became slave to this fashion by spending weeks to get their jeans to look perfect - skintight and faded. Unlike the fashion of the 40's, jeans from the disco era had a more drug-oriented flavor, as leafy hemp plants and cigarette logos graces thousands of legs.

Author's Note: I think Jazzed-Up jeans never faded, I still had to jazzed up my jeans with beads and crocheted laces around 2004, when beaded jeans became a fashion. I still have my jazzed-up jeans with me!
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