Judit Masco refers to an actress, TV presenter and a Catalan Spanish Model who was born in Barcelona, Spain on October 12, 1969. She attended the University of Barcelona, the Languages Secti on. Judit Masco has gained international acclaim for her exotic good looks. Her natural blond hair, the beauty of her face and her natural harmony, places Judit Masco on the cover of "Sports Illustrated" in the 1990 issue as the cover model. She also appeared in the 1991, 1992, 1994, and 1995 editions.

Masco is regarded as one of the best Spanish models of the 90s and still appears in print occasionally.

Masco got her start appearing in TV commercials in Spain. She was later signed to an agency and began modeling for print.

She played a supporting role in two (2) Spanish films, namely: Despues del sueno (After the Dream in 1992) and El Largo Invierno (The Long Winter of '39 in 1992)

She is married to lawyer Eduardo Vicente, her high school sweetherat and has (4) daughters, three (3) of them (Maria, Paula and Clara) from her union with her husband and one of them (Romita) was adopted from Haiti when she was eighteen-month-old.

Judit Masco is also known for being involved in social causes.

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