Deutsch: Schönheit / Español: belleza / Português: beleza / Français: beauté / Italiano: bellezza

Beauty in the fashion context refers to the aesthetic qualities or attributes that are considered appealing, attractive, or pleasing in clothing, accessories, and personal appearance. It is a highly subjective and culturally influenced concept that varies significantly over time and between different societies.


In fashion, beauty often revolves around the harmony of elements like color, shape, texture, and proportion in garments or ensembles. It also pertains to how fashion items enhance the wearer's features or express personal style and identity. The standards and ideals of beauty in fashion can be influenced by cultural norms, historical periods, media, and popular icons, leading to a diverse spectrum of beauty ideals across different cultures and communities.

Beauty in fashion is not only about the visual aspects but also about how clothes make individuals feel. It involves a sense of confidence, comfort, and self-expression that comes from wearing something that aligns well with one’s personal style and body image.

Application Areas

The concept of beauty in fashion is central to industries such as clothing design, modeling, fashion photography, and styling. Designers strive to create aesthetically pleasing collections that resonate with cultural notions of beauty while also pushing boundaries and challenging traditional norms. Fashion marketers and advertisers also play a significant role in shaping perceptions of beauty by choosing which models and styles to promote.

Well-Known Examples

Iconic examples of beauty standards in the fashion industry include the elegance and simplicity of Coco Chanel's designs, which redefined women’s fashion in the early 20th century, and the bold and extravagant creations of designers like Alexander McQueen, who challenged conventional ideas about beauty and form in clothing.

Similar Terms

Related terms include aesthetics, style, and elegance. These concepts overlap with beauty in fashion, as they all contribute to the way beauty is understood, created, and perceived in clothing and personal appearance.


Beauty in the fashion context is a complex and evolving concept that encompasses the aesthetics of clothing and accessories as well as the subjective experience of wearing them. It reflects a blend of cultural values, individual preferences, and social influences, making it an essential element in the study and practice of fashion.


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