Turtleneck Sweater refers to a type of sweater with Turtleneck neckline which is usually worn during cold months either with a coat or without a coat. 1967 was labeled by the fashion magazine Daily News Record as "The Year of the Turtle", as in Turtleneck Sweater.
The Turtleneck was first popularized in the 1920's by news correspondent Noel Coward. Turtlenecks enjoyed a resurgence in the 1960's, first among beatniks and flower children, then among the mainstream. At its peak, it was being worn by celebrities such as Johnny Carson, Sammy Davis, Jr., Senator Robert Kennedy, Paul Newman and Steve McQueen.

Turtleneck Sweater represented an formal alternative to the shirt and tie, which could quickly be transformed into a trendy informal garment. While the turtleneck never faded like other clothing fads, instead, it has become more popular in the 1990's among both sexes. Until the present time, Turtleneck Sweaters are still being worn in cold countries during the cold months.
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