10//2 refers to the Line of sports Clothing and gear that Lance Armstrong, a famous cyclist, created with the help of Nike. The name 10//2 was taken from the October 2, 1996 when Lan ce Armstrong was first diagnosed with testicular cancer that had spread throughout his body. He subsequently went on to beat cancer and make an amazing recovery and went on to win seven (7) consecutive Tour de France victories, a feat that had never been accomplished before.

The clothing line deals in high performance cycling gear. It features hats, shoes, and shirts similar to those worn by Lance Armstrong when he was training and when he was in competition. Yellow is integrated throughout the entire line of sports products which includes caps, messenger bags, hoodies, tees, polos, shoes, jackets and more. The Lance Armstrong Foundation, which raises money to fight cancer, will continue to receive $1.00 for each 10//2 Collection item sold. The 10//2 Collection can be purchased online at wearyellow.com and at Nike's website niketown.com or http://store.nike.com. The products will also be available at Nordstrom's, Finish Line and specialty cycling shops. The 10//2 clothing line was designed by cyclist Lance Armstrong.

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