Aldo Martin's refers to a Spanish company which specialises in the design, production and sale of women's knitwear. It was created by Marti Bisbal in Igualada, Barcelona, Spain in 197

5 and is now run by the family's second generation, with Nuria Bisbal in charge of artistic direction.

Aldo Martin's jumpers, skirts, jackets and T-shirts are made from top-quality materials with impeccable design and in a very up-to-date urban style, in keeping with the latest fashion and style trends. One of the original distinctive features of Aldo Martin's are highly elaborate prints.

Since 1998, with only a workforce of 50, the company went global by exporting their products to countries which include France, Germany, the UK, Belgium, Portugal, The Netherlands, Switzerland, Austria, Ireland, Italy, Japan, China, Australia and Canada. It sells at high-end multibrand retailers in all these markets.

Aldo Martin's also participates regularly in Trade Fairs, such as: Pret-a-porter in Paris, France; A Fair in Antwerp, Belgium; and CPD in Düsseldorf, Germany.

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