Deutsch: Jacke / Español: Chaqueta / Português: Jaqueta / Français: Veste / Italiano: Giacca /

Jacket refers to an outer garment that usually falls to the Waist or hip that closes in front and is meant to be worn over Clothing either indoors or outdoors by both men and women.

The derivation of the word jacket is said to have come from jacker, a short coat of chain mail worn in medieval England. Today the jacket comes in many forms and has both fashionable and utilitarian uses. _


Jackets: short clothing provided with sleeves and opened on the front.
Suit jacket: upper part of a suit.
Blazer: sport jacket covering the hips.
Chanel suit: short jacket made of tweed.
Tuxedo jacket: jacket for evening dress.
Suit jacket: upper part of a suit.
Working jacket: jacket made of a robust fabric and provided with pockets

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