Agnes was one of the most popular French designers of the 1910's to 1920's. She was a specialist on millinery and most well-known for making the turban fashionable. She was one of the first designers to use turbans in the 1920's after an expedition to Africa. Agnes also designed ladies' clothing. She was friends with several of the popular artists of the decade.

Among the style icons and celebrities who wore turbans were Joan Collins, Marlene Dietrich in one of her movies "Shanghai Express", Beyonce was also spotted in 2007 wearing a turban as she left the Waverly Inn in New York, Ashley Olsen had also worn turban-inspired headdress, style queen Kate Moss was spotted in 2009 wearing a turban at the Costume Institute Gala.

In 2007, Prada, Marc Jacobs, Ralph Lauren, H & M turban chic was everywhere.

Author's Note: If given a chance, I would also like to wear a turban. Sometimes, even at home, I try to invent and use my shawls and create a turban- like headdress.
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