Ahkah refers to a jewellery which is founded in Japan by Akemi Fukuoji in 1997. Ahkah jewellery reflects the facets of its founding character: refined, sensitive, perfectionist and generous.

Akemi Fukuoji who is the designer of Ahkah christens her vision of a new jewellery: accessible and fashionable, without needing to compromise quality. Akemis finds inspirations in art and from the natural world in order to express nature's fragile beauty and pay tribute to the perfection of its treasures. Almost all of her creations were made with 18 carat yellow or white gold and pure diamonds with incredible refined settings, and all are created with state-of-the-art technology and traditional craft finishes.

Akemi Fukuoji is now creating echoes of what all women want. An exceptionally feminine range of jewellery "Made in Japan" with an infinite evanescence that is a signature of the marque. Necklaces, rings, bracelets, earrings, - like little treasures whose role, above all others, is to enhance the beauty of those who wear them anywhere in the world.

My favorite Ankah! Pave Butterfly an 18k white gold butterfly with pave diamonds on a fine chain and the Believe Heart and 18k yellow gold heart with pave diamonds on a fine chain.
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