Deutsch: Modeerscheinung / Español: Tendencia / Português: Moda / Français: Tendance / Italiano: Tendenza /

Bulla refers to an ancient Roman pendant consisting of a rounded container holding an amulet. Bulla is worn on a strap or chain around the neck.. Bulla was made in a variety of metal s, the most popular being gold.

Roman boys wore a Bulla which was given to them when they were babies. The Bulla was a neckchain with a round pouch containing protective amulets, often phallic symbols which emphasised their masculinity. Some of the sons of wealthy Romans also wore small gold rings carved with a phallus for good luck

Bulla is a lentil shaped shaped ornament which was often worn as a pendant. It origins date back to Etruscan times and its use was revived around 1870.

Roman jewelry was not just made for decorative purposes. Some contained symbols that would provide the wearer with protection and prosperity.

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