- Fedora (Hat) : Fedora refers to a structured, soft felt Hat with a crease down the crown and a medium brim. Also, Fedora has a tapered crown that is dented lengthways. It comes originally from the Austrian Tyrol and is named after Fedora, a French play by the French dramatist Victorien Sardou which was shown in Paris in 1882.

Fedora became a popular hat shape of the 1950's, made from a soft felt and noticeable by its center crease on the head. A pinched front and a snapped brim. The center-creased crown and tapered-brim hat was a popular style for both men and women of the late 19th century, up until the early 60"s.

Fedoras returned at the end of the 70"s, but this time on women, too as influenced by Diane Keaton's masculine style in Annie Hall. In the 1980's, Michael Jackson returned the everyman's hat to the crown when he sported a Fedora hat as part of his personal uniform; and the infamous archeologist Indiana Jones, played by Harriosn Ford never let his hat leave his head. These three major influences resurrected the much loved and debonair Fedora for the post-baby boom generation. But the most memorable moment for the Fedora will always be from the 1942 classic, Casablanca when Humphrey Bogart wore a Fedora.

Fedora hat is still popular choice until today, among many men and women who love wearing hats, including celebrities like Justin Timberlake, Diane Kruger and many more.

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