Flaring sleeves refer to sleeves that widen or flare out as they extend towards the wrist or beyond. This design feature can vary from a gentle flare to an extravagant bell shape, adding a distinct style and movement to the garment.


Flaring sleeves can come in various styles, including bell sleeves, bishop sleeves, or trumpet sleeves, each differing in how much the sleeve flares and the part of the arm where the flare begins. These sleeves add a dramatic flair to any outfit and can range from subtly wide to boldly exaggerated.

Application Areas

Flaring sleeves are often seen in:

  • Bohemian fashion: Where they complement the flowy, relaxed aesthetic.
  • Formal wear: Adding an elegant and dramatic touch to dresses and tops.
  • Vintage-inspired clothing: As a nod to fashion eras like the 60s and 70s when flared and bell sleeves were popular.

Well-Known Examples

Designers like Chloe and Free People often incorporate flaring sleeves into their collections, using them to add a touch of femininity and drama to modern silhouettes. These sleeves are also a favorite in Renaissance festival costumes and period piece recreations.

Treatment and Risks

The main considerations with flaring sleeves involve mobility and practicality. Extremely wide sleeves may catch or drag, which can be impractical for everyday wear. Moreover, the choice of fabric can affect how well the sleeve holds its shape and flares.

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