Gusset refers to a piece of fabric, either in a diamond or triangle shape, inserted in a garment or accessory to allow for more space and greater movement and or to reduce stress on the seam. Gussets typically appear under the arms of sleeves, in the sides of a handbag, the sides of men's shirttails and the sides of shoes, and are now often cut in new stretchy fabrics to increase flexibility.

A Gusset, also refers to a rectangular or triangular or diamond-shaped insert panel in a seam between legs' pieces of the pantyhose, sewn in the crotch area of panty, knickers or shapewear to increase durability, level of comfort and hygiene; or underarms, which allows for more ease of movement, It may also be sewn into the body section of tights to increase the levels of fit, comfort, hygiene and durability.

A Gusset is usually made of cotton.
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