Merino Wool refers to a very fine wool sheered from the merino sheep reared in Spain, but also from the sheep reared from Australia and New zealand. It is then spun into yarn that is fine but strong. Merino Wool comes from the sheeps' second or third shearing, hence the wool is soft. Wool are coarser and thicker after the third shearing.

Merino Wool is noted for its fineness and whiteness, often softer and less scratchy than other wools.Unlike other types of wool, Merino Wool is also said to be distinguished by being much finer and largely itch-free.
Merino Wool is a popular material for outdoor garments such as jackets and sweaters.

Some of the clothing brands using Merino Wool to manufacture their cardigans, sweaters and other products are Anne Klein, Lacoste, Ralph Lauren.

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