Glossary N

Night Gown refers to a loose garment or any length, worn as sleepwear.

Night Gown is also spelled as Nightgown.

Nightgown refers to a dress-like item of Clothing worn for sleeping. Nightgown is usually a loose made of any length worn as sleepwear

Nightgown is also spelled as Night Gown.

- Nightshirt (Night Shirt) : Nightshirt refers to a long, loose shirt worn as sleepwear.

Nightshirt is also known and spelled as Night Shirt

Niki Mahajan refers to an Indian fashion designer who founded the label Maska. Niki Mahajan is an expert in fabrics and a recipient of Yuv Rattan Award and has has made a mark in the

Niqab refers to the face veil worn by Islamic women, together with the Hijab, a head cover.

No-Close Jacket refers to a type of Jacket without buttons or other closures which is meant to highlight the garment undern

- North South (N/S) : _North Soutalso known as N/S refers to a type of bag that is taller than it is wide. North South Bags include Bucket Bags.

Notched Lapel refers to a Collar with a "V" shaped notch
where the Collar meets with the lapel.

Moreover, it is notch that is cut between the Collar and the lapel of the coat.