Glossary N

- North South (N/S) : _North Soutalso known as N/S refers to a type of bag that is taller than it is wide. North South Bags include Bucket Bags.

Notched Lapel refers to a Collar with a "V" shaped notch
where the Collar meets with the lapel.

Moreover, it is notch that is cut between the Collar and the lapel of the coat.

Novelty Print refers to a unique design printed on any type of fabric, such as animal print, geometric print, dotted, moroccan-inspired prints, etc.

Emilio Pucci, Manish Arora and

Nude Modeling is a type/kind of modeling done while the Model is naked. It includes glamour nude, artistic nude, and erotic

Nylon is a man-made fibre, also known as polyamide. Nylon is durable, lightweight and resilient. Nylon was the first completely synthetic fiber developed. Known for its high strength

Nylons refer to stockings or Tights made from a synthetic polymer. The process was invented by Wallace Carothers in the 1930's at DuPont. Nylon was named after New York (NY) and Londo

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