Raphael Haury is a French Master Perfumer, the son of Gerard Haury who was a master Perfumer himself . Raphael Haury grew up in Grasse, the Perfume capital of France. He followed th e footsteps of his father and at a very young age he already created such classic fragrances as Chaumet and Pure Vetiver

Among the many fragrances he created are:

Azzaro Pure Cedrat (2002)
Azzaro Pure Vetiver (2000)
C de Farme L"Homme
Chaumet Homme (2001)
Clarins Par Amour (2004)
Jean Louis Scherrer Immense Pour Homme
Parfums 06130 Cedre (2003)
Parfums 06130 Lys (2006)
Parfums 06130 Yuzu Rouge (2003)
Rodier Gourmandise (1999)
Salvador Dali Agua Verde
List of books: Raphael,Haury

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